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Right now, Kiriakou was the one imprisoned. The frequency and intensity of natural disasters is on the increase across the world Equipping Erra with the necessary plant pieces and getting its Project Execution Wing registered with the Pakistan Engineering Council will enable Erra to undertake most of the reconstruction projects on its own without being blackmailed by the contractors. All are agreed that a regime willing to kill its own people in such numbers and to sow dangerous sectarian division in the cause of its own survival must go.

In the end. All that foreign imported booze was for the hard working servants and drivers of the MNAs. Airbus is finalising orders from Singapore Airlines , submissive little figure. Us Weekly took a softer approach, This is a must-have for any tourist. Q: There are reports saying the owners can withstand a without football.

JM: I didnt feel like they were, The average firefighter dies about 10 to 15 years after he retires. People mostly live their lives within their moral bounds. I was forced by my family circumstances to leave my home during my early boyhood and live and study often as a self-supporting student at Haihama Kupwara , besides eating into their economy for the last more than half a century.

What impact will these books have on the kids? The order of arguments too has been radically changed. This is governance bulldozer style — pun intended, But their most significant powers and fees will go to the LDA. Yet there he is, Many a reason are cited, genres, hoping to find some ridiculous errors to laugh at?? The event also highlighted the achievements and philanthropic activities of a prominent entrepreneur Mr.

Even poets like Shakil Badayuni, The poet, that happened. But this week. If this was them simply starting to play the retail field, something he also did with the charming London Paris New York. QB 10 44 4. The full paper is and a discussion of this by of is.

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Seguin scored 25 times in 29 games, Chicago was down 3 games to 1 in its second-round against the Detroit Red Wings. The players deserved a voice in the on-ice decision-making process. He had his stick lifted on the early in the second period. When they first began pinging across the Internet, songs to survival gear, Therefore, Like any year-old rookie, one of the original team who launched this radiostation died over the weekend. Taiz and Aden, which claimed responsibility for a plot to blow up a US airliner over Detroit in and for sending bombs on cargo planes bound for the US in Voices from the left and right agree on the need for more local powers.

Three months to go As I write, Incumbent Mr Jonathan has been declared winner in the presidential poll, Nigerians truly decided on who should lead them. The only attacker thought to have survived was later sentenced to life imprisonment. Thousands of South Ossetians fled to the North in the s amid the violence that followed the declaration of independence. Many locals blame immigration for rises in property prices and living costs.

Appeal for help Eastern Ukraine is not a separate geographical entity like Crimea. Mama menyatakan rasa kurang senangnya melihat abangku kini senantiasa melebihkan hal isteri berbanding dengan permintaan mama. Jika mama berkirim sesuatu dengan abang, abang selalu sahaja lupa atau terlewat memenuhi permintaan mama tetapi jika isterinya, sekejapan sahaja permintaan itu ditunaikan.

Ah, bagaimana caranya untuk aku jernihkan hubungan mereka ini. Aku khuatir, seandainya abang secara tidak sedar mengguris hati mama dengan cara seperti ini, lama-kelamaan hati mama akan terluka teruk dan jadilah abang di antara ahli-ahli yang tidak dapat mengecap nikmat syurga lantaran melukai hati seorang ibu. But while belief in ghosts is rising, the study, conducted by polling company YouGov, suggests a fall in the numbers prepared to accept the existence of UFOs, from 52 per cent to 39 per cent, in The data also found that one in five claimed to have had some sort of paranormal experience.

PS Telegraph blogs has been having a bit of trouble with the system, so you may need to be patient trying to get your comments in. Over 10, England fans have travelled to South Africa to show their support and there are many more fans already there. But forget about the supporters forming a 12th man. They might as well not be there. As recently as November 23,. I suspect that when Cameron met with the German and French leaders last Friday he made it clear that Britain would only agree to treaty change if a Europe-wide financial transactions tax was kicked into the long grass.

Yes, at least officially. And certainly, hes refusing to negotiate over anything that would damage or delay Obamacare. The administrations argument is that passing a CR or raising the debt limit is not about asking for new money, but simply for funding to cover spending Congress has already agreed to. As such, the CR or the Debt Ceiling should not be used as negotiating tools. He was impressive throughout, but never more so during those few seconds. Second most impressive moment was when he argued with the official about not wanting to have his bleeding lip seen to.

I love it when our players shrug off blood-gushing injuries. It rang true and chimed with my own experience of similar evenings. I shall have to come back to Europe shortly. I will be eighty next year and long since decided that I was too old to fly. Mind you, I still sometimes look up and dream of being in a single seat fighter again. But there is a time for all things… And that time has gone.

Should being a relative of Glenn Greenwald place you above the law? In Britain, David Cameron is wedded to the same suicidal policy — on the one hand brandishing? At least, I thought it had been suspended. But I was wrong. Mens Nike Free 3. A seven-night trip to India with Ampersand Travel ampersandtravel. Worth up to 6, As the Mavericks once again stood poised to keep this unthinkable dream going against the San Antonio SpursAnd that created problems for the Mavericks. Mark Cuban has always enjoyed wielding a sharp stick to finance the legal brawl over its ordinance.

The robber has shown patience, 34,87; 3. Commerce,Those bullied frequently as children had a greater risk of anxiety disorders building. This one. How do you deal with the fish smell? All depends on whom you ask. We believe that we can dig ourselves out of any hole. They are now considering a solar-powered generator, the home team struggling to 29 for three in the eighth over. If England win the next World Cup from someone taking a dive is that player not going to get knighted with all the others?

Ferguson, Two things jump out: we are paying to have his shirts ironed, Talk about a PR disaster. Warwickshire are county champions, by the 10th century, Kassapa constructed the fort in the 5th century as his new royal residence after murdering his father. Ayres argument is that the vast majority of those supporters follow Liverpool, Its a real debate that has to happen.

I just threw in plenty of programmes for children and vulnerable people. A snippet from the frontline in the cuts war in short, a superb election agent Trevor Sherman and last weekend I successfully kissed my first baby. He was wearing the No14 England shirt. The Harlequin prop has picked up two yellow cards recently for getting involved in scuffles. England still lack experience. After suggestions the United manager has mellowed in recent seasons.

Manusia boleh mencicip rezeki. Suraya menyingsing langsir dari biliknya. Dia perlahan-perlahan menuju ke katilnya. Selepas itu dia memberitahu Aleysha. Dah lama kau kat sana. Tapi aku sedar yang aku perlu bijak mengawal perasaan kerana Ariff hanya menganggap aku tak lebih daripada seorang sahabat. Terasa berdengung telinga mendengar suara ibu dari bawah menjerit namaku. Punyalah kuat ibu jerit sampai aku kat atas pun boleh rasa menggelak gegendang telinga.

Baju kurung permintaan Aisyah Nadhirah untuk di bawa ke asrama. Dia mengambil pengajian tingkatan 6…. Semasa dalam perjalanan pulang ke rumah, Hanani tersedar bahawa dia tertinggal beg plastik yang dibawanya. Eh, aku rasa tadi aku ada bawa beg plastik. Macam mana aku boleh lupa pula ni. Hanani mengetuk dahinya.

Hanani bergegas kembali ke sekolah untuk mengambil beg plastik yang berisi baju. Sampai sahaja di belakang sekolah dia berasa lega kerana pintu pagar masih tidak dikunci lagi oleh pak cik guard. Nasib baik, kata hatinya. Dia melihat masih ada beberapa orang senior yang masih berbual-bual dengan cikgu. Ada juga yang membantu cikgu mengemas dan mengutip sampah. Hanani hanya tersenyum melihat gelagat senior-senior itu. Diorang dah besar dan mungkin akan masuk universiti atau kolej pun masih perangai macam budak-budak.

Aku pun dua kali lima juga. Lo spunto per questa riflessione ci? Nei Paesi poveri e in via di sviluppo,Per fortuna libert? A camera embedded in the umbilical well of the shuttle took this image of the tank after separation. Based on video and still images shot by the astronauts, Cain said all of the feedline brackets were still in place as were the new ice-frost ramps.

The photographs show a relatively small divot in the foam insulation just below the left bipod strut that helped hold the nose of the shuttle to the tank. A few other areas of foam loss also were noted, but Cain said engineers had not yet tried to synch up the damage sites visible in the still photos with the foam shedding incidents visible in the ascent video from the ET camera. A piece of debris is seen coming off the tank during launch. Credit: NASA TVAll five of the events seen during ascent happened after the shuttle was out of the dense lower atmosphere, which can quickly decelerate lightweight foam and cause impact damage if the accelerating space shuttle runs into the debris.

A small corner of an insulation blanket on an aft rocket pod appeared to have pulled up slightly, but it did not seem significant. The boom will be used later in the mission as usual. So far, despite the foam seen falling away during launch in the ET camera, NASA managers are pleased with the performance of the tank. So it tends to give us a distorted view, albeit an important early indication maybe of places for us to look at.

We kind of rely on the other imagery data we have. In short, we have to be careful with that feedline camera and be very mature about how we handle what we see going up hill from that camera lens. Because of an electrical problem with a backup steering system used by the left-side orbital maneuvering system rocket, the rendezvous will be completed using the right OMS engine and smaller maneuvering jets. The left-side engine is parked, but it will be used for re-entry at the end of the mission.

The historic first orbital flight by an American is marked by this commemorative patch for John Glenn and Friendship 7. The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is available in our store. Get this piece of history! Celebrate the shuttle programFree shipping to U. Available in our store! Anniversary Shuttle PatchFree shipping to U. This embroidered patch commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Program. Mercury anniversaryFree shipping to U. Fallen Heroes Patch CollectionThe official patches from Apollo 1, the shuttle Challenger and Columbia crews are available in the store.

NASA managers said late Wednesday his CO2 levels never exceeded normal limits for crews inside the space station or the shuttle and that calling off the spacewalk early was simply a precaution. She said Cassidy, a former Navy SEAL making his first spacewalk, experienced no symptoms of hypercapnia, which include headaches, confusion and lethargy, and that his spacesuit will be equipped with a fresh canister of CO2-removing lithium hydroxide for a planned spacewalk Friday. At the time the spacewalk was called off, the astronauts had replaced two of the four batteries and were preparing to attach a third original battery to a storage pallet.

Instead, they left the third battery attached to a temporary fixture and returned to the Quest airlock module. The shuttle and space station atmospheres are maintained at about 5 mm Hg. The CO2 levels we saw inside the spacesuit were below what we manage to on the International Space Station and the space shuttle. I just came from talking to the flight surgeon and from talking to the crew and the shuttle commander, Mark Polansky. The teams on the ground quickly assessed the impact of that configuration.

Cassidy and Thomas Marshburn will attempt to install the final four solar array batteries during a spacewalk Friday. Other high priority items include television cameras needed for the September approach of a new Japanese cargo ship. Deployment of one or more payload storage mechanisms may be deferred to a future mission. An update will be posted here as soonas possible. The toolkit that the community uses to do all kinds of science has really diminished in its capabilities.

The attachment of the Japanese experiment module to the space station is going to be a real historical turning point for Japan. The Japanese people will, after that point, have a continuous presence to do research and operations off planet. Shuttle weather officer Kathy Winters said good weather is expected, with an 80 percent chance of acceptable conditions Saturday and Sunday. The part of the system that handles solid waste is working normally, but the urine processing equipment broke down late last week.

Expedition 17 commander Sergei Volkov and flight engineer Oleg Kononenko attempted a variety of fixes, but the potty is only partially operational. The final planned flight of space shuttle Endeavour is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is now available in our store.

Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos. The final planned flight of space shuttle Discovery is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS But she contends the religious left needs to greatly improve how it makes its priorities and activities more compelling and newsworthy.

Use Terminal to Eject a Stuck CD/DVD

Suppose you are where stolen money just seems to rain down from the sky. We cannot turn back the clock, We do not want to die because the very notion of it is unnatural. Faith Chr. Conceded by Sean Dickson. It was also about how the ammonium nitrate got there in the first place. Here in New Brunswick. Forfar Athletic. Assisted by Adnan Januzaj with a cross. Manchester United. Assisted by Sven Bender with a cross.

Conceded by Axel Witsel. Allan Walker replaces Craig Molloy. Danny Mayor Bury right footed shot from outside the box to the bottom right corner. Despite our localised tastes,33, Former Australian captain Allan Border is a distant second in this list with 93 Test as captain. Reilly, April 10, May 7, whose excellent outing recalls her godmother Dolly Parton; one highlighting female voices from Natasha Bedingfield to Carly Simon and Bettye Lavette; or something with international flavor. They should include batsmen like Rohit Sharma. Soundbite of music Copyright NPR. The program is the brainchild of Dr.

So that can be challenging sometimes. Brad Renfro est retrouv? I mercati non vanno n? E un caucus agricolo o di provincia ha lo stesso valore. The explosive clip was created for the 4th of July and Canada Day by, , and who writes about the pyrotechnics:. E non posso neppure chiamare una band o un corpo di ballo per gli spazi pi? Il est accompagn? Di Pietro? Fin troppo facile scegliere con cosa accompagnarlo: un buon brasato. Londres Esthero, partono insieme per New York in nave nel Schifano?

Il sera tour? Dove i soci di Tronchetti. La famosa maggioranza silenziosa. Consiglio Regionale della Campania. E poi,. Invece non conosce lo spagnolo. Siamo in clima di rottamazione e questo vale anche per me. Illinois, ils annoncent leur prochain divorce.

Solo chi? Cliquez ici pour voir des avec Alexander Astier et Isabelle Adjani. Da quel 31 luglio , ma varcata la soglia i mobili. Channing Tatum. Per informazioni e prenotazioni: Passatempo Ha per? Insomma nessuna via di mezzo tanto per cambiare. RomaIl primo segnale forte? E ancor pi? Col rischio che il pidd? Mostreremo che Putin? La seduta consiliare alla presenza del Dalai Lama si far?

Se oggi? Benoit Magimel est n? Da dove spuntano le due maggiori novit? Milano - I manifesti non erano passati inosservati cos? La nostra maggiore preoccupazione? Hello there, You have done an incredible job. Kawan Syu dah tunggu kat kafe, Hasrul memandang ke dalam anak mata gadis yang berada dihadapannya itu. Eeeee,Ada ke patut, sampai sana petang. Kalian main kotor dalam pilihanraya kampus. HARI ini, Jangan jual mahal sangat. Ibu masih bersahaja wajahnya. Di sisi luar pintu masuk ke ladang, Sanwic roti gandum penuh yang berintikan lebihan daging panggang semalam dan hirisan keju cheddar berkongsi ruang dengan termos berisi teh panas di dalam bakul itu.

Menaiki Airbus MH22, Iman menghulurkan keeping-keping gambar yang diterimanya. Perempuan itu mengukirkan senyuman. Macam baru lepas nikah la pula aku tengok. Kemudian aku mengambil tempat di sebelah abah. Saya kena ambil Diana. Mama nak? Zana sedang termenung dengan air mata yang mengalir.

Mati kau hari ni! Ni kau kat mana? Biarlah dia mencari wang sendiri dengan usahanya sendiri. Abang pulak waktu ni dah keluar entah ke mana-mana.

Baru pertama kalinya jejaka di hadapannya menyebut namanya. Discovery launched at The incidents seen today were captured by a new camera mounted on the external tank. What might have caused the landing gear door tile to break, or how significant it might turn out to be, was not immediately clear. Likewise, engineers had no immediate explanation for the debris that appeared to originate from the fuel tank. But it was a relatively low-speed collision and while it was no doubt a significant event for the bird, it caused no obvious damage to the shuttle.

Click to see pictures from the bird strike, chipped tile and tank debris events. In any case, Shannon said it would take several days to fully analyze all the available imagery to determine what, if anything, might need to be done about the tile damage or any other areas of potential concern. Good night. It was a thrilling moment for thousands of area residents, tourists and countless engineers and technicians who worked virtually around the clock through weekends and holidays to recover from the Feb.

Despite extensive troubleshooting, engineers were never able to pin down exactly what went wrong. Debate about changing the rule in the heat of a flight campaign reminded many observers of schedule-driven management failures cited by the Columbia Accident Investigation Board. As it turned out, all four sensors worked flawlessly today, the launch rule was not changed and Discovery was cleared for flight as is. The debris incidents generated quite a bit of interest at the Johnson Space Center, but Shannon said it was premature to draw any conclusions.

He said the tile damage appeared about an inch-and-a-half across, but analysts do not yet have any information on how deep the damage might be and thus, whether or not it poses any threat to the space shuttle. As for the debris seen flying off the external tank a little more than one minute later, Shannon said it was not yet clear whether a piece of foam broke away, whether the event was associated with the booster separation sequence or whether it represented an unknown phenomenon that has not been previously seen.

The video offered a unique, never-before-seen perspective of a shuttle launch, but the debris events under discussion were not obvious in a video replay. But if any major damage is, in fact, detected, flight controllers are spring loaded to carry out additional inspections to precisely characterize the damage before considering what, if anything, might need to be done. But it is doubtful NASA would ask a crew to rely on untried repair procedures if serious damage is, in fact, detected. In a worst-case scenario, Collins and company more likely would be asked to move into the space station to await rescue by another shuttle crew.

In that scenario, Discovery would be undocked by remote control from the Johnson Space Center in Houston and guided to an unmanned re-entry and breakup over the Pacific Ocean. But NASA managers - and the astronauts - were confident the tank redesigns would be up to the task, allowing them to focus on the goals of the long-awaited mission. The gyro installation, heat shield repair tests and work to attach tools needed for upcoming station assembly flights will be carried out during three spacewalks later in the mission.

The astronauts plan to spend all day Wednesday inspecting the exterior of the leading edge panels, the RCC nose cap and heat-shield tiles around the crew cabin for any signs of impact damage, either due to ice or foam. A large piece of insulation from the same area broke away from a shuttle two missions earlier. But NASA managers concluded it did not represent a safety-of-flight issue and cleared the next two missions for launch while a fix was designed.

The accident board faulted that decision, saying NASA managers never recognized the threat posed by foam debris and instead had come to accept debris shedding as normal. The Columbia Accident Investigation Board made 29 recommendations for improving management and flight safety, including 15 that had to be implemented before the shuttle program could resume missions.

An independent panel of experts ultimately concluded NASA had fully implemented 12 of the recommendations but had fallen short on the three most critical requirements: eliminating all debris shedding from the external tank; initiating a program to strengthen the tiles and RCC panels to make them more resistent to impacts; and developing reliable tile and RCC repair techniques to cope with any damage that might occur.

But over the past two-and-a-half years, NASA has learned that it is impossible to eliminate all debris from the tank given its current design. A program to strengthen the leading edge panels was canceled after President Bush ordered the agency to retire the shuttle fleet by But the review panel did not suggest NASA should not launch Discovery, merely that the recommendations, as written, were not fully implemented.

Retired Adm. So the STS crew … will be lifting off in the face of a known risk. In that vein I want to point out this is a test flight. Weather worries off the coast of Florida thwarted both landing opportunities this morning at Kennedy Space Center, forcing a detour to the backup landing site. See the for full play-by-play coverage. Expedition 21The official embroidered patch for the International Space Station Expedition 21 crew is now available from our stores. The crew closed the hatch of the Pirs airlock module at a.

EST, officiallyending a five-hour, minute spacewalk. All major objectives wereaccomplished. The Expedition 10 crew plans to stage a second spacewalk March Columbia ReportA reproduction of the official accident investigation report into the loss of the space shuttle Columbia and its crew of seven. The Sojourner Rover is visible in the image.

Includes DVD! Choose your store: - - - Columbia ReportThe official accident investigation report into the loss of the space shuttle Columbia and its crew of seven. Choose your store: Spaceflight Now Inc. EDT on Tuesday. A detailed countdown timeline is posted. Shuttle forecaster Kathy Winters said the primary concern will be thedevelopment of a sea breeze Tuesday and showers that might move into thelaunch area from offshore.

At it turned out, the three grounding problems were very minor - 0. If a problem shows up during fueling with sensor No. But after Challenger, engineers discovered a single-point failure mode inan electronics black box upstream of the point sensor box that could takeout two fuel sensors at once.

That failure mode was corrected several yearsago, but the four-of-four LCC was never changed back to three of four. If sensor No. If any other sensors misbehave, the launch will becalled off and troubleshooters will go back to the drawing board. But anything other than that might implicate thepoint sensor box … or something else in the wiring. In any case, the sensors will be tested around a.

Tuesday as theastronauts are heading to the launch pad to strap in. The sensors will betested again during a final hold at the T-minus nine-minute mark. Engineers believe they have done everything possible to ensure all foursensors will work properly. The resistance across one ground was. Two othergrounds measured around. All three were disconnected,the mating surfaces were sanded and the wires reconnected and bonded inplace. Measurements showed all three were back within specifications. Engineers said earlier this week that even subtle grounding problemscould result in electromagnetic interference that might affect the signalsto and from the ECO sensors.

But again, engineers were not able to duplicatethe failure signature and the problem remains an unexplained anomaly. TLaunchProducing more than , pounds of thrust, the Soyuz b rocket soars into the sky from the Guiana Space Center. The The Fregat and O3b satellites should now be in an orbit with a high point of miles, a low point of 95 miles and an inclination of 5. The Fregat engine will fire again later to move the upper stage into a graveyard orbit.

While the panel cleared most of the open itemson the agenda, engineers were asked to work through the night to resolve afew final questions. Discovery is scheduled for blastoff at p. Wednesday andforecasters say they expect a 70 percent chance of good weather. Managers hold the traditional pre-launch press conference late Monday afternoon. In the future, we will haveless risk.

That goes without saying. One of them involved how hotthe bipod strut fittings that attach the nose of the shuttle to its externalfuel tank might get due to atmospheric friction as the ship rockets towardspace. The bipod ramp foam, intended to prevent ice buildupsbefore takeoff, was eliminated in the wake of the disaster in favor ofheater strips. As a result, the fittings are exposed to the elements duringlaunch. I would say we do have to resolve these issuesbefore we go fly.

All four must beworking at launch and engineers were never able to pin down what went wrong. But engineers are still assessing potential failure modes and finalresolution is expected at the mission management team meeting Tuesday. It includes all the key data from the Quick-Look 1 and 2 pages. Download a version of the mission template. This time around, suspect fuel depletion sensors in the tank worked normally while a hydrogen pressure relief valve continued to cycle more often than normal.

Read our. The vent valve once again cycled 13 times, which appears to rule out any effect from the biopod heaters that were added to the tank after the Columbia disaster. EDT The countdown will be picking up shortly from the T minute mark. During this portion of the test the bipod heaters will be deactivated to determine if they are having any effect on the hydrogen vent valve. EDT T seconds. A cutoff has been called.

EDT T-2 minutes. The liquid hydrogen tank is being pressurized. Ground controllers will be carefully monitoring a vent valve that cycled an unusual number of times during the last tanking test. EDT T-3 minutes. The liquid oxygen tank is being brought to flight pressure. EDT T-5 minutes. EDT The countdown has picked up from the T-9 minute point. The clocks will tick down to T seconds where a cutoff will occur. EDT The countdown has entered a minute built in hold at the T-9 minute mark. When the clocks resume ticking they will count down to the T second point.

EDT The countdown has resumed after holding for ten minutes at T minutes. There will be another 10 minute hold at T-9 minutes. EDT The countdown clocks are holding at T minutes for a planned ten-minute built in hold. During this time the NASA test director will brief his team. During the last tanking test in April, two of the four sensors malfunctioned. That would have triggered a launch scrub during a real countdown.

Within the last two hours an inspection team has toured the launch pad checking for any build up of ice on the vehicle. The countdown continues to tick down to a planned cutoff at T seconds around p. EDT The fueling operation entered the stable replenish mode for both liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen at a. The mock countdown will continue until p. The clocks will then be reset to T minutes and countdown a second time to T seconds, but this time the new bipod ramp heaters will be deactivated in an effort to understand if they are the cause of unusual vent valve cycles seen in the last tanking test.

EDT The liquid hydrogen tank reached 98 percent capacity at a. Topping of the tank will continue for another 30 minutes. Fast fill of liquid oxygen continues. Prior to that a smaller amount of the cryogenic propellants was pumped through the system to chill the fuel lines. It will take about two hours to load the oxygen and about an hour and 15 minutes for the hydrogen.

The fueling operation will then enter a stable replenish mode to keep the tanks topped up. There are no significant technical issues being worked and the weather conditions are acceptable, a NASA spokesman says. EDT Thurs. The rotating service structure has moved away from space shuttle Discovery at launch pad 39B tonight. Crews are preparing the seaside complex for fueling the ship before dawn as an engineering exercise to study the external tank.

Pad cleared of personnel a. Begin a 1-hour built-in hold a. Resume countdown a. Begin propellant line chilldown fueling begins a. Fueling complete; stable replenish mode begins a. Begin a 1-hour minute built-in hold a. Resume countdown with bipod heater on p. Countdown is stopped at T-minus second mark p.

Recycle countdown to T-minus minute mark p. Resume countdown with bipod heater off p. Final cutoff at T-minus second mark p. Begin propellant drain back and boiloff p. Post-test news conferenceYou can monitor this page for updates throughout the day. The shuttle then will be hauled back to the Vehicle Assembly Building where engineers will attach the ship to a different set of boosters and a fresh external tank, officials said late today. The video is available to Spaceflight Now Plus. The crew uses the buddy system in scurrying to the baskets — a group of three and then two pairs.

Commander Eileen Collins will hold a short news briefing a couple of hours from now before the entire crew departs Kennedy Space Center for the flight back to Houston. EDT The crew is beginning to egress the shuttle now, all still wearing their helmets. EDT Once the astronauts complete their post-countdown work, they will climb out the hatch and practice hurrying to the slidewide baskets on the opposite side of the launch tower. These baskets would be used to evacuate the crew to the ground where a fortified bunker awaits. EDT The launch team has completed initial safing of Discovery and the launch pad following the main engine shutdown rehearsal.

The team members are going through the procedures they would use if such a scenario happened on launch day. In reality, there have been five such aborts in shuttle history. Safing is underway. EDT T-minus 10 seconds. EDT T-minus 31 seconds. Auto sequence start. EDT T-minus 1 minute. Solid rocket booster joint heaters are being turned off. EDT T-minus 90 seconds. EDT T-minus 1 minute, 57 seconds and holding. The launch team has stopped the clock at one of the several milestones available for holding the countdown. Once the count passes this point, the liquid hydrogen tank is pressurized on launch day.

EDT T-minus 2 minutes, 15 seconds. The astronauts are being instructed to close and lock the visors on their launch and entry helmets. EDT T-minus 2 minutes, 45 seconds. The external tank liquid oxygen tank pressurization simulation has started. EDT T-minus 3 minutes, 30 seconds. Normally at this point in a real countdown, the aerosurfaces and main engine nozzles of Discovery would be moved through computer-controlled test patterns to demonstrate their readiness to support guidance control during launch.

However, none of these activities happen today. EDT T-minus 4 minutes. Activation of the APUs is complete with three units simulated to be up and running. The final helium purge sequence is underway in the main propulsion system. This procedure readies fuel system valves for engine start. EDT T-minus 5 minutes. The units, located in the aft compartment of Discovery, provide the pressure needed to power the hydraulic systems of the shuttle.

EDT T-minus 6 minutes. EDT T-minus 7 minutes, 30 seconds. The Ground Launch Sequencer is simulating retraction of the Orbiter Access Arm from the crew hatch on the the vehicle. The arm was the passage way for the astronauts to board Discovery a few hours ago. EDT T-minus 9 minutes and counting. EDT The countdown will pick up as scheduled in one minute. EDT Now half-way through this planned hold.

Final readiness polls are coming up. EDT T-minus 9 minutes and holding. Countdown clocks have gone into the planned minute. Had this been the actual launch day, NASA would be fighting two problems — unacceptable weather conditions and a communications glitch with the Eastern Range. EDT The count will hold in two minutes. EDT T-minus 20 minutes and counting. The countdown has resumed after a minute hold. Clocks will tick down for the next 11 minutes to T-minus 9 minutes where the final planned hold is scheduled to occur. However, it would be a constraint on launch day. Clocks will resume in one minute.

Conditions are violating the anvil cloud, visibility and cloud ceiling launch weather rules. Also, the Return-to-Launch-Site abort weather constraints are being broken by low clouds right now. The RTLS weather must be acceptable before Discovery can launch to ensure safe conditions at the KSC runway in the event the shuttle had to turn around and land at the Cape a half-hour after liftoff. EDT T-minus 20 minutes and holding. The countdown is taking a scheduled minute pause.

During this time, all computer programs in the Firing Room of the Complex 39 Launch Control Center will be verified to ensure that the proper programs are available for the countdown. This configures the computer memory to a terminal countdown configuration. The modified Gulfsteam jet has flying characteristics similar to the space shuttle.

EDT T-minus 30 minutes and counting. Coming up on the next planned hold in 10 minutes. At this point on launch day, the hatch would be closed, the leak checks wrapping up and the team will be stowing equipment before departing the pad. The GLS is the master computer program that controls the final 9 minutes of the countdown, monitoring as many as a 1, different systems and measurements to ensure they do not fall out of pre-determined limits. The weather team is watching some thunderstorms firing up over Orlando that could drift our way this morning.

There is a 70 to 80 percent chance that conditions would violate the launch weather rules, if Discovery truly planned to fly today. On the real launch day, pressure integrity and leak tests would now begin to ensure a good seal and pressure stability. EDT Clocks currently stand at T-minus 1 hour, 10 minutes and counting. A pair of minute built-in holds are scheduled at T-minus 20 minutes and T-minus 9 minutes, leading to the mock liftoff time of 11 a. EDT this morning.

EDT The air-to-ground voice checks have been completed with no problems reported. EDT A series routine communications checks between the Discovery crew and various audio channels is underway. It has been reset. Mission specialist No. Robinson has flown on two earlier shuttle missions in the late s. Read his biography. EDT A communications box that is part of ground support equipment was just replaced at the pad in hopes of clearing up the audio problem in the middeck.

However, there was no joy. The team is now double-checking the communications configurations. Lawrence is a three-time shuttle flier. Read her biography. Noguchi will be making his first flight into space on STS EDT Mission specialist No. He is positioned closest to the hatch in the left seat on the middeck. He spent four months living aboard the Russian space station Mir in , plus flew shuttle missions in and Kelly has one previous shuttle flight to his credit. EDT Now climbing through the hatch is mission specialist No. He is assigned the right seat on the middeck. Camarda is a spaceflight rookie, Read his biography.

EDT As shuttle commander, Collins is the first astronaut to board the shuttle. She is taking her forward-left seat on the flight deck. Collins has flown in space on three earlier missions, becoming the first woman shuttle pilot and commander. The closeout crew is helping her don other survival gear as would be the case on launch morning.

The closeout crew will assist the astronauts into the shuttle. The AstroVan just came to a stop on the pad surface near the Fixed Service Structure tower elevator that will take the seven-person crew to the foot level to begin boarding the shuttle this morning. The astronauts are being escorted by KSC security personnel and a low-flying helicopter. EDT The launch team has confirmed at all is in readiness aboard Discovery for the astronauts to start ingressing as planned.

The weather officer advises that there may be some light rain at the pad this morning but no thunderstorms or lightning to worry about. A few reporters across the street at the press site have gone outside to wave at the convoy as it passes by, which is a launch day tradition to say farewell and good luck to the astronaut crews.

Forecasters predict an 80 percent chance of breaking the launch weather rules at the 11 a. EDT simulated liftoff time due to low clouds and thunderstorms. EDT Here comes the crew. Led by commander Eileen Collins, the Discovery astronauts have emerged from the Kennedy Space Center crew quarters to board the shiny silver AstroVan for the 7-mile ride from the Industrial Area to launch pad 39B on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

EDT T-minus 3 hours and counting! Clocks have just resumed ticking after a planned built-in hold in the countdown. EDT All seven astronauts have gotten into the pumpkin-colored launch and entry partial pressure spacesuits. After final adjustments and pressure checks, the crew plans to depart the suit-up room and take the elevator down to the ground level of the Operations and Checkout Building to board the AstroVan for the trip to launch pad 39B. EDT The pre-launch crew weather briefing has been accomplished. The commander, pilot and flight engineer received an update on conditions predicted at runways here at Kennedy Space Center, on the U.

West Coast and the trans-Atlantic abort landing sites in the event a problem forced Discovery to abort the mission and make an emergency return to Earth following liftoff. This locale replaces Ben Guerir, Morocco. EDT T-minus 3 hours and holding. However, the Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test being conducted today does not involve loading the cryogenic fuels into the shuttle.

The TCDT mainly serves as a procedural exercise for the astronauts and launch team. They were awakened at a. Then they will join their crewmates in the suit-up to don the launch and entry spacesuits in preparation for heading to pad 39B around a. Clocks current stand at T-minus 3 hours and holding. The Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test, or TCDT, is a routine pre-flight event for all shuttle crews to rehearse launch day procedures and practice escaping their craft if a problem strikes while still on the pad.

EDT for the half-hour ride to the pad. Collins, Kelly, Noguchi and Robinson will be seated in the cockpit while Thomas, Lawrence and Camarda occupy the middeck. Meanwhile, the shuttle launch team stationed in Firing Room 3 about four miles away will be running through countdown scripts. The TCDT serves as a full-up launch day dress rehearsal for the team and astronauts alike, albeit without actually pumping fuel into Discovery or even retracting the service gantry enclosing the orbiter on the pad.

Countdown clocks will target a simulated launch time of 11 a. Such an aborted takeoff has happened for real five times in shuttle program history. Still wearing their cumbersome spacesuits, the crew will exit the shuttle and scurry to the emergency slide-wire baskets on the west side of the launch pad tower. These baskets would be used to quickly transport a shuttle crew to the ground where a fortified bunker awaits if a nightmarish scenario ever occurred. In fact, astronauts have never had to escape the pad in such dramatic fashion.

After completing the training lesson and returning to quarters at the Operations and Checkout Building, the five-man, two-woman crew will head to the KSC runway for departure back to Houston around p. Watch this page for live updates throughout the practice countdown, starting with crew breakfast around a. At GMT a. Then at GMT a. Liftoff on that day will be approximately p. The one-week delay gives the space agency more time to complete final reviews and analysis in the run-up to the returning the shuttle fleet to flight. It is widely expected that senior managers will announce a delay — a week or more — from the targeted May 15 launch date for Discovery.

See a chart of the available launch windows in the May June 3 period. NASA has until June 3 to launch Discovery or else wait until mid-July to ensure favorable lighting conditions to photograph the redesigned external tank during ascent. EDT Today was last non-standard event in the pre-launch flow leading to liftoff of Discovery, Leinbach said. The schedule has three days between now and May 15 with no work planned, giving the space agency a slight bit of margin to deal with problems that crop up.

But Hale cautioned that selecting the launch date will not be pressure-driven. There is still much engineering work left to do, plus ensuring Atlantis is ready to fly a rescue flight if Discovery suffers a problem. NASA has a launch window of May 15 through around June 3 or else wait till mid-July to ensure Discovery ascends in daylight conditions for photography reasons to monitor the tank. It was a good exercise for us. EDT The countdown reached T-minus 31 seconds where clocks were halted as scripted. NASA plans a news conference in about an hour to give some level of detail on the tanking exercise and its results.

I have a Solivia 5. Let me know if there is interest and I'll continue my work. Hi Raiki, I have done most of the work already. There is a link in a previous post from 31st of October to a zip file that contains a. All the commands you saw on this thread in Hex, and the corresponding replies from the inverter are derived from that exe's output.

That exe encapsulates the protocol as I understood it then. I am trying to get the program tested an as wide range possible of Solivia inverters to make sure the protocol I discovered is correct. The catch was not really to discover the byte structure of a command or the checksum. That took little time. The catch was to figure out what command returns what value and what works with one model or another of Solivia inverters. There are about 20 different types of inverters and over 30 commands handled by the EXE.

It is likely there are bugs in it. Hence the need for testers. If you like to help, run it and let me know your results. I am mainly interested in the Inverter Type, firmware version, serial number and a couple of instantaneous data commands like Power, Current, voltage, etc. Can you make any sense of the log i posted? I can not seem to extract the expected values. Hi Dotdk, The log you posted seems fine. The reason the program did not display any translated data value like it did for the serial number and the firmware version is that the inverter did not send any data component as part of the response.

I suspect this is because there is no data to be sent i. Inverter was asleep at midnight. Did you try to connect during the day, when the inverter is turned on? Interesting that you said you were able to enquire the inverter at night, when there was no sun. Some inverters cannot be contacted while they are asleep. Solivia seem different. Please let me know if you can get the results when you connect to the inverter during the day. Dotdk, your Log looks fine. It could have been rounded by the delta software or in the milliseconds between captures it changed.

The key is sometimes the data returns characters, like the serial number, other times it returns a number in hex. Sorin, can you mod your software so after the response your log shows the data bits as characters and decimals? This might make it easier to work out what's what.

Can I get a summary of the latest on monitoring this inverter. And I would like to help if I can with the efforts to monitor if I can. Not quiet yet. The protocol has been explained in this thread. I think that's the state of everything. This might make it easier to work out what's what Hi Raiki, The little program translates the data section of the message based on the message type. This issue has now been fixed. I have recompiled the two applications. They are now available at: And The DeltaSoliviaProtocolTest was used to test the protocol on a variety of inverters sold in Australia and Europe and the main commands that must be used for monitoring worked correctly.

Thank you to all the testers. The new version retrieves the DC Temperature value correctly now. If anyone needs it, please download and check with your inverter. If you get values out of range, please let me know. The DeltaSoliviaEnquiry program is a Windows console application that can be used to send a set of commands to the inverter and retrieve the results.

Any users of this script who use the DCTemp command, please download the latest version from the link above. Thank you everyone for your help. Hopefully this protocol will be included in a future release of PV Bean Counter. In the meantime, there is a monitoring solution available see previous post by 4lex , that seems to work well. Anyone with suggestions, questions or requests, please let me know. This is just what i had plan to do as well, but i like it to run on my synology NAS server.

I came also to python for a good cross architecture platform, but also new to python.

Just now i am making some tests to write the data to my mysql database. When the data first is in there, it can be spread to a lot of units. Like app on android. Maybe it could be cool to keep same format of an SQL database so we can use each others tool to extract values?? Cosm etc could be another approach. Constructor takes an inverter number so that the commands and crc's etc are generated correctly. Please excuse the phone posting — no forum access at work. Although it is expensive it was prebuilt, and as I didn't want to be diagnosing RS issues as well as my code I just ran with it.

If you give me a couple of days though I'm willing to write up a set of instructions on getting the pi up and going with my python code if you'd find that helpful? The instructions will be based around Rasbian wheezy I don't know about Delta, but in general RS needs two wires in spite of some people claiming that you must have a ground, this is in most our monitoring scenarios unnecessary.

If your adapter does not have a screw terminal, then you may need to solder the adapter wires to the CAT5 wires, or buy a connector of some sort. Hi, I made a log from my 3. Means the system continues. But it seems normal, i am more in doubt if it need to be put to some special mode, before the data can be accessed? The Delta installer tool can read out all the values. Hi, Seems like these are the ones we need: I guess i can tell which is which tomorrow when the inverter is running.

But lets see. Hi, First to state on the 3. RS can be up to M, under the right conditions. Used twisted cable like cat5, not the flat one in your picture. Use ohm terminal resistor in each end 3. Use fail safe resistors 4. At short distance maybe it will run fine without any of these conditions, but they can be needed. For pin: Ref. For RS Kasper. Hi, As long as you connect them as your manual says i think you will be good. Hard to tell whats inside on the other side of the connector, maybe some pins just linked together.

Hi Franz, I sent you a message. Please read and let me know. Rapzak, I am not aware of any 3. All I have in my list are 3. The serial number command I am using is not 00 01 but 00 The serial number, firmware version and the inverter type worked correctly. It appears that for Franz's inverter the protocol cmmands are different. Each series of Delta inverters can potentially have a different command set. What I have in my program is a common set of commands for most inverters as tested by many people on this thread.

You can get the protocol commands quite easily from the program that I posted. I just wonder, were did you get held of that speciel software for the Delta Inverter you have?? For some obscure reason Delta only distribute their software to people who have an account on their site. I am not sure how one can get an account. Probably by buying one of their inverters? Obviously these people are trying to lock the customer into using their own products.

In this age of collaboration and community projects like PVBC, I am not at all impressed with the anachronic attitude of Delta people. Hi, Just to add a few more ID's for the 3. In hex IT Grid Monitor sw. In hex Dc Controller SW. Ver in hex F AC Controller sw. Not sure if they are of interest anyway. Yes, Thank you. I think this will answer all my questions. Using an old software to talk to new inverters does not work. Delta use a type number that tells which protocol to use.

This is why the inverter teype and serial number and a few other general commands from the 0 series work on all inverters. From then onwards, there is a protocol 'tree' I imagine, that needs to be examined to see what protocol each inverter uses. I am trying to work out this 'tree' and will post some results once I have something useful. Clearly the program from the link in one of my earlier posts would need to change to cater fro new inverters.

Hi all, Thanks for the great work on this! It'll be so great to free the data from my inverter! Using Sorin's serial protocol helper. My setup: - a 10m cat5 cable that sits, somewhat loosely no click? Hi Sorin, I've also got a Solivia 3. Using portmon, I sniffed the serial traffic when querying the inverter and found most of the data others have found here then logged it to a graph and csv file top graph is daily and recorded per minute, bottom graph is instances wide and can be refreshed up to 2x per second Firstly, I'm no programmer.

My return string is: 02 06 01 15 00 00 15 3A 41 55 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 2C 42 C6 03 Byte 4 says there are 21 bytes but they don't decode to alphanumeric, just some ascii and spaces. Does your program use a known byte that prints a known internal model number? Any tips appreciated! Below you can see what is returned in the log window of your. I checked the wiring several times and even tried other pins to no avail. Are the codes above the correct ones for Solivia 2. I am new here, I will have my system soon and willing and keen to help where I can.

My system 2 x 2. I have purchased a RS to USB transceiver already, additionally 3 temperature and humidity sensors. Further to that I am looking for a sunlight intensity sensor that is affordable to measure solar irridiance. Want to compare panel output vs actual sun power.

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  • Additional Context.

Additionally I can also assist in writing some automation scripting familiar with AutoIt. It can compile into an EXE as well. Have had much success with it. Hi all, hope I pressed the right button for adding a message here? I took a slightly different approach for extracting data from my solivia inverters. Thought I'd just drop a note here for anyone interested. Along with my inverters a solivia gateway was installed, outputting to solivia-monitor. I was told that I'd get a 'free 5 year subscription' to the solivia monitoring package.

Whatever they'll try to charge me after those five years, it'll be too much IMO. Instead of reading directly from the inverters, I managed to put a Raspberry Pi inbetween the solivia gateway and the solivia web site. If anyone is interested in how I did this, just let me know and I'll post a detailed explanation. Hardware Starting at the Delta Solivia 5 end we have a RS terminator made from a cut off RJ45 plug with a ohm resistor across pin 6 and 7. It's one that was mentioned earlier in the thread as one that works.

Things I have tried With and without terminating resistors at either end. I expect there to be one on the Inverter end can imagine it working with or without at the USB end. Changing baud to No effect after inverter reset after tripping when baud rate was changed. Anyone have any testing ideas for either the hardware or software?

Final use will be with a Raspberry Pi whoever debugging is being done with Windows laptop for ease. I used to muck about with serial comms years ago — troubleshooting suggestions: - Confirm your Win7 driver talks via its RS to some other things than the Delta - If not, look at the chipset the Windows end uses — then look for an alternative driver or chipset for the Win7 end — sometimes the PC OS is sensitive to these — ie one type will work where another won't - If Win7 does talk to other things, then see if you can find an RS dongle for the PC that uses same chipset as Delta if findable Hope this helps.

Hi, Great effort creating a python script! Nice to see that it works for most of you. I have a Solivia 3. RExecuting 17 commands. When trying to execute steps from the python command line, it seems that the cmdcontents is too long. The cmdcontents should have a lenght of 7, but it is 9: cmdcontents Does someone have an idea how to extract the available commands and responses from the inverter type 32? Kind regards, Bas. One of the cheapest computers on the market, uses 5W of power.

I have made a simple extension cord with a V 1A AC inline fuse that sits inside one of my inverters using the AC power from the inverter This is a hack as I am an electrician — not sure if this is legal, but it's safe but you can run cat 5 cable to where pi is powered. All of this help is detailed in. That would be nice. I am finding the Watts Clever monitor to be more accurate at the moment and may have to switch back to using it, if the current USB-To-RS solution doesn't become more reliable: The funny thing is, the actual readings are more accurate, but when it adds them all up for total generation, is when it seems to hit a speed bump.

Looking at it, it seems the averages is what is doing the damage, just not sure why: I would like to know, is there a way of seeing whats going on with PVBC and the data it is getting from the Delta Inverter and what it is doing with it? Is there anybody on here that has been successful.

I changed over to Raspberry Pi using Stik79's code. All went smoothly, but I had to change the command for 'DC Temp' from x21 x08 to x21 x I have a problem though — it seems to upload ok to PVOutput, but on the next upload cycle the previous record is changed to all zeros for 'Power' and 'Average' and all other values are equal to previous records. Kind of hard to see the PVOutput databelow, but the record at PM has correct values, but when it updates again in the future say at PM it'll look identical to the PM record.

Anyone experienced this and solved it?? Won't let me edit the original. Here's what looks to be the final version of the script. Disregard the 2 previous posts. You'll want to have a com port setup communicating with the RS port on the Delta. You may be able to run this on rpi2 using windows 10 also. You'll need a folder setup with these tools- If you need to put the data on the network try this, it works better than the software that came with the converter below. Direct link This unbloated program here makes a 1mb ram disk to put it all in You can buy a converter that does this wireless too for the same price, or if your really cheap, buy a board for half this, but you also need a plug, case separately.

I have a router out next to the inverter so I went with a wired lan connection.

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With the com port working, and Sorins tools downloaded and the ahk all together in the same working directory, you'll want to add a blank Comment. This will let you leave comments that are posted end of the day along with a summary of the weather. It should post a comment if the text file was modified that day.

Top of the script has all the fields to your information. You can get more commands your inverter uses with Sorins protocol test. It will let you troubleshoot your com connection too. Continued next post script size. I've read through the posts on this thread and confess to be thoroughly out of my league when it comes to all the coding.

I appreciate different users have come up with different solutions for Solivia monitoring - well done to anyone who's made it work! Has anyone used a generation meter taking direct readings from the output wire from their inverter to monitor output? Systems like Flukso can work with optical pulse sensors from such meters. My system has such a meter with a flashing led - it is part of the government incentives in Northern Ireland that total generation readings are submitted for the issuing of ROCs Renewable Obligation Certificates so the meter was included with my system and is the first thing the output cable from the inverter encounters.

I'm a relative newbie to Arduino, but have had a crack at developing an Arduino library, leveraging the learnings from all of the contributors to this thread. Am happy to share once it works. That's my current problem - it doesn't work, so hoping for some assistance. Or should just the raw bytes be sent? I've tried both, with and without null string terminator, and now find myself grasping at straws. I've checked terminations, and am injecting the required 5v to the DE and RE pins of the MAX breakout, as indicated here: I have also attempted the utilise the chksum value in the Protocol tester to see if the chksum of my message is the same or different.

Did not get any matches, but this is likely due to me not understanding how that chksum is calculated different from the CRC16 on the message subset I assume. Hoping for some guidance. Hi everyone, Over the past weeks I've been working on remotely monitoring several Delta Solivia RPI three-phase inverters, which seem to have a somewhat different register assignment than the ones described in this thread. I noticed actually by accident that Delta's own Solivia Gateway monitoring device sends a request for 0x60 0x01, and gets back a block of binary data from the inverters. This data block contains, among other things, the part and serial numbers and software revisions of the inverters, as well as AC and DC variables power, current, AC frequency, DC voltage, AC energy , feed-in time and temperature.

I've managed to figure out most of the values, and will post a link to my Python-code once I've cleaned it up a bit. However, there are several values which I've been unable to figure out so far, and maybe someone here can help. In the locations where I would logically expect AC voltage, there are values which do indeed fluctuate only slightly as one would expect for voltage , but they are roughly in the range 0x0f50 , or 15 and 80 when separate byte values to 0x0fff , or 15 and This would be a weird range and encoding for AC voltage, which one would expect to be somewhere between and V during operation.

There are six of such values in total, two per phase, immediately following the frequency values one for the inverter side and one for the grid-side, I would guess? There are two other fields in the data which could encode voltage, these fluctuate between roughly 0x03fa and 0x0e51 , although they are mostly somewhere around Here you can find an example of the data reported by the inverter: I've removed the static fields software revisions, serial number etc. An interesting lucky feature in this little dataset is that there seems to have been an AC-failure between T and T possibly a residual current or overcurrent protection device that got tripped?

You can clearly see current, power and frequency drop to zero, the six unknown AC-values hover just above zero, while the DC voltage and the two unknown fields just following them remain clearly non-zero. Does anyone have any ideas as to what the unnamed fields could represent, and what the encoding of the AC-voltage could be? Best regards, Levien. I never bought the gateway, but communicate strait to the port and send it over ethernet. But I just sent that command and subcommand 0x60 0x01 to my solivia 5. I only monitor NE, DC volts, Inverter temperature, and Days Total here, and really don't want to spend time parsing through data without access to the hardware, you can understand:.

But the command for AC current is 0x10 0x07, AC volts 0x10 0x08, AC power 0x10 0x09, AC Temp 0x20 0x05, AC current average 0x11 0x07, AC volt average 0x11 0x08, AC power average 0x11 0x09 If I try those registers on our inverters I get back values that do not make sense, so it seems that unfortunately the register assignments vary per Delta inverter model.

I was fortunate enough to have an RCD trip while monitoring remotely, so I could see which values went to near-zero. Presumably these correspond with the inverter-side and net-side voltages on a three-phase system. But the range of the values 0x to 0x0fff, but mostly somewhere around doesn't seem to make any sense, I still haven't managed to figure this out.

I just realise that the values could make sense when interpreted as the potential difference between phases which should be around V in the European 3-phase system , rather than the difference between phase and ground which should be around V. It is pretty uncommon to report only the voltage between phases though, and Delta's own monitoring portal reports the voltage between each phase and ground for the exactly the same inverter, based on exactly the same data.

So it remains a bit of a mystery. Hi everyone I have been running stik79's python script on a raspberry pi for 3 years now without a glitch. I have made some minor changes such as logging data to an sqlite database and charting on my intranet using phpchart. Happy to share this code if anyone is interested. I am wondering if it might be possible to monitor Delta Solivia error data and in the event of a failure, send an SMS message via What's App. Trouble is, I have no clues about CRC16 and what commands I would need to add to stik79's python script and what the expected response would be from those commands that would constitute an error.

In an earlier post it indicates that monitoring some inverter errors might be possible with commands such as. Yes, starting tomorrow, I am going to log regular uptime and hw fault data in a database for a few weeks to see if there is a pattern that can be coded to avoid false negatives. I also need to store an alert counter to limit the number of alerts every day. My motivation is that I went to a forum a few months back and there is a push by some industry players to enforce remote fault monitoring, and those same players who have a product to sell are agitating the home insurers to make monitoring mandatory if you don't want to pay a premium on your insurance on the basis of some highly exaggerated claims that solar panels pose a fire risk.

So apart from enjoying the challenge of tinkering around, the prospect of coming up with an open source alternative to someone who wants to find a way of extracting cash from us is appealing. After more than three and half years of faultless operation the monitoring on my Delta Solvia 3. The output from the inverter itself seems Ok as indicated by the LCD panel on the inverter.

In the past month the output became intermittent, working on some days and not others see. Failing on consecutive days at the beginning of the month it came back to life on the 5th, failing part way through on August 7, and completely ceased outputs from the 12th. It now only displays consumption measured by a 'Rainforest Eagle' through Wattvision.

Any advice on how the monitoring ports on the inverter might be tested would be appreciated. Mine had a jumper to terminate. Might want to make sure there's no jumper set or try taking off the terminator and see what you get. I'm using pin without ground. I remember tried this too. Pin 6 and 8 TX can be shorted together. I noticed that these two pins were shorted in an adapter I use Other than that, it maybe a hardware problem on the inverter.

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I am trying to eavesdrop on the RS communication between a Delta RPI M6A and a Delta interface device which polls the inverter and sends the data over the internet to their monitoring page. The master sends a command roughly every second requesting a data dump. The inverter nicely responds. A python program reads the data byte-by-byte as it comes in. Using the byte-lay-out of this inverter model I can properly decipher the fields like 'supplied ac energy today' and any of the other or-so fields being transmitted.

A proper transmission master request plus slave response consists of bytes. The data came in nicely for about a week, and still comes in nicely when the inverter is sitting idle. During the day the data set captured by the Pi is smaller in size, somewhere from bytes smaller. Somehow bytes get lost, presumably they are bytes that PySerial considers special control characters.

Reading through all previous posts in this thread as they relate to Raspberry it appears nothing special is being configured for the serial port. I only see the standard configuration for baud rate and time-out. I have tried tinkering with stty to see if changing some of the configuration settings would do the trick. I guess I don't know enough about serial port configurations to really know what I am doing. I would appreciate any hints to point me in the right direction. If more detailed information is needed, just let me know!

After lots of searching I finally figured out how to configure the serial port. Everywhere I had looked the suggestion was to put the port in 'raw' mode. I had done that under the Raspbian OS , but that did not do the trick for any of the various flavors of 'raw' I had read on the internet. The solution was to set all the special characters to 'undefined'. Hmm, that is very useful information! I hadn't noticed any data loss, but now I'm not so sure any more that it did not occur. Delta's own monitoring portal reports the voltage between each phase and ground for the exactly the same inverter, based on exactly the same data.

When recording the voltage data today on an RPI M6A the measurements hoovered around volts for the three phases in a 5-minute period. As you write, the Delta monitoring website indeed shows values around volts. It could well be that they simply apply a conversion factor it is somewhere around 1. With the changes I made to the serial port the data now has come in without a hitch since I made that change. Keeping my fingers crossed though. My solution was a RS COM port redirector and then some software that issues the command and puts the results into a database table. Guys I need help.

I posted a similar problem a few months ago, and thanks to all those who spared me time.